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Welcome to Sparks Inspiration

My New Book Awaken is primarily a day to day walk with your Higher Self. It asks questions that you normally wouldn't consider if you're someone who is always swept up in the daily hustle and bustle of Life. It also sheds light on ordinary things we encounter on an every day basis; i.e. traffic, music, the weather - things we may overlook and/or take for granted. Although I like to think of Awaken as a "fun" read, it requires readers to look deeper into the events which are unfolding in their lives and to take responsibility for their presence instead of just accepting "the hand he or she was dealt".

My Inspiration

My daughter, Tiniya Cheyenne, is one of the catalysts behind Sparks Inspiration. She makes me want to jump out there and like Nike, and "just do it". I always knew there would come a time when I would have to encourage her to live out her dream. I wanted to be able to do that for her, not only through verbal affirmation, but also through the actions I have taken and continue to take in my own life. I'm like a walking billboard, lol - You CAN do it. Another catalyst was just my desire to share my thoughts through writing and I owe that to God. I've always LOVED to write. One day, I sat down and penned what was known as my first daily word to many people. After that, I was on a roll. That became my love and one of my priorities for three years. I loved feeding the people little things that I interacting with my followers. It was rewarding in more ways than one. They opened their world up to me by allowing me to share my world with them. It is truly a humbling experience.